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Cover for One theorem started it all: From treespeak to famous numbers
Isbn: 978-95-2807-935-4
Publisher: Books on Demand
Mathematics & Statistics
Accessible since: July 2021


One theorem started it all: From treespeak to famous numbers

I believe in inspiring and connecting people with mathematics. It is an international language, after all. By building a community around treespeak - a mathematical language that is about the subtle cooperation between vertex edge algebra and the tree generation algorithm - I could show people that mathematics is truly a form of art and a fun, competitive game as well. One theorem - the theorem of sum forms - started it all: the research project that culminated into treespeak, and various other ideas that are also in this book. If you love mathematics, would like to be a part of the treespeak community, are otherwise interested in mathematical trees and beautiful symbolic representations, or would like to know something about pi, Euler's number, Collatz conjecture or possibly controversial mathematics, then this book is for you!

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