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Cover for Tree successor algebra: A new branch in mathematics
Isbn: 978-95-2804-147-4
Publisher: Books on Demand
Mathematics & Statistics
Accessible since: July 2023


Tree successor algebra: A new branch in mathematics

Tree successor algebra: A new branch in mathematics is a book about a formal theory of tree generation with an axiomatic basis for a new object called collection space. The elements of this space, in other words collections, have a clear connection to rooted trees and are treated as variables in sum form equations, the application area of tree successor algebra. With connections to different branches of mathematics such as number theory, linear algebra and algebra, tree successor algebra shows a fundamental link between rooted tree generation and partition generation, establishing a well-defined order in which rooted trees are generated. This in turn makes it possible to define a successor operator, the unit of least action in tree generation, and generalize it in order to create a concept of tree sequences. Due to this, the concept of the infinite sequence of all rooted trees can be formed, and the notion of a rooted tree line, and thus the need for tools to solve sum form equations rises. The axiomatic system answers to this need.

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