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Cover for Whytopia - a Choice of Destiny?
Isbn: 978-91-8097-297-0
Publisher: Books on Demand
Fantasy & Sci-Fi Computing & IT
Accessible since: January 2024


Whytopia - a Choice of Destiny?

”Whytopia - a Choice of Destiny” gradually paints a shade of hopefulness for the reader, emphasizing that we indeed possess the power to choose the future we want. The future is by no means predetermined and certainly not written in stone. The future doesn’t have to become a dystopian existence, nor does it have to be a utopian existence reserved for only a privileged few. We are currently living in a crucial time that demands wise action and the responsible management of the opportunities rapidly emerging AI technology can off er. However, this can only be achieved if we make the right decisions. We can harness upcoming AI capabilities to develop new technologies that can address the environmental catastrophes our current technology has caused, fi nd cures for dreadful incurable diseases, eradicate poverty globally, and eliminate all heavy and monotonous labor that wears down people. But the price for all this potential good, if mishandled, may unfortunately be that we forever lose control over our future. If we act unwisely and hastily, allowing technology to fall into the wrong hands when it becomes a threat, it could quickly turn out very badly for most, if not all of us.

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